Brian Sims

Hello, I'm Brian Sims, a Southern California based photographer and photojournalist. Most likely if you found me, we met in a galaxy far far away event or pop culture convention like San Diego Comic Con. With a history of working in the entertainment industry, my work has been published in several outlets, books, and publications for my coverage of pop culture and travel as well as mainstream news outlets.

Passionate about my photography journey, education, and the continuing adventure of learning more about the art and science of capturing light I am always seeking a new method to try or equipment to master. I like to say I am classically trained, early on I started attending educational seminars, one on one instruction from master photographers and then a structured photography program in college. I adopted a mindset of never stop learning or trying something new. A camera collector, I dabble in almost every kind of photography method still in use and a few most have forgotten. 


When I am not documenting my life and the things, I love to do I am capturing images for clients. Contact me today for available dates, pitches and job leads My first two books, Fandom Under the Lights (2019) and Photo Composition (2018) can also be purchased through the above e-mail. 


Media inquiries: I maintain current press credentials with the city of San Diego Police Department for breaking news and photojournalism coverage within that jurisdiction. I hold a US Passport and Global Entry and all my equipment is stored in transportable hard cases and custom cases for travel.