Brian’s 5 cent tour of San Diego


Best beach, hands down go to Coronado, big beautiful clean beach, also biased I grew up there. For a little more “fun” Mission Beach / Belmont Park amusement park, boardwalk, lots of people, food.

Mexican FOOD, real taco shops, if it is a clean modern restaurant, it is not the right place. Las Cuatro Milpas and Tacos El Gordo for the real experience. Small chain but I eat there a lot Santana's Mexican Food on Morena Blvd, for a California Burrito


Free nighttime Mission Bay random fun, watch the fireworks from Sea World right under where they fire them off, it’s a short show but cool view, google Sea World Fireworks Barge on maps or call me 619-757-5524 and I can point you to it. (that’s my pictures on Google and the view you get)


Midway Museum, Balboa Park and Zoo all safe bets too  

have fun!