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The 4th Annual Her Universe Fashion Show by Hot Topic

Kicking off Comic Con 2017 on Thursday July 20th was the 4th annual Her Universe Fashion Show, The 2017 show took place at the Manchester Grand Hyatt with 25 designers vying for the opportunity to design a 2018 Disney Princess fashion collection with Her Universe for Hot Topic.

Leading off the night was a showcase of current Her Universe fashion.

Ashley Eckstein's Cinderella dress was designed by past winner Andrew Maclane.

The Main Event

25 designers present their entries

Fans on the runway and the most touching moment of the night

Yu and Carynn stole the show and our hearts

BB-8 rolls out the winners


Judge Pick - Rose Ivy

(Sorceress Supreme)

Judge Pick - Lindsay Meesak Orndorff

(Leader of the Pack)

Audience Choice - Grace Duval

(Don't Panic)

following image credit: & descriptions from Show Program

thank you

Ashley Eckstein - Her Universe

Dan Madsen - Her Universe

Johnamarie Macias - The Wookiee Gunner

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