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Social Media Time Out

Going dark, unplugging, going off the grid...

Honestly, it is more like being put in time out for a while. So during the process of editing my social media to reflect my values "Pictures, Pop Culture and Positive Vibes" I am taking a one month absence from the fun and madness.

I'm not deleting my accounts and making bold statements, it is just a reboot and review.

My personal social media feeds were becoming more like current event sounding boards filled with hate and a running negative commentary.

My social media (in my opinion) should be a positive and fun environment for friends to share. That is what I want out of it, I'm not suggesting anyone change. I repeat, that is what I WANT OUT OF MY SOCIAL MEDIA, you do whatever you want. I'm not judging you, I get my fill of news and discussion with friends and family, I don't need it every time I look at my phone.

I'm sorry if you get muted, unfriended, or I don't follow you back. It is nothing against you, it is what I want out of my time.

So if I don't respond to you, I'm not being rude, I deleted the apps from my phone :-) I do have Facebook Messenger still but Twitter messages are not going to reach me till I come back. You can always reach me through this website and I will always be flooding you with random pictures through this site. (Yes, it is set to automatically post to my social media accounts)

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