It's a Jungle out there, Butterfly Jungle opens at The San Diego Zoo Safari Park March 10 to Sun

Today invited guests and Adventures by Daddy were treated to a sneak peek of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s annual springtime event, Butterfly Jungle.

Located in the Hidden Jungle's climate-controlled environment this special aviary allows you to see delicate and fascinating tropical birds and plants while viewing the beauty of the butterfly.

Safari Park guests are encouraged to wear bright colors to attract the 20 to 30 butterfly species that will be highlighted this year. Included this year will be the Zebra Longwing, Orange-Barred Tiger, Grecian Shoemaker, Giant Swallowtail and Blue Morpho.

(pictured Madison Sentonaris enjoying a close encounter with a butterfly)

The butterflies come to the Safari Park in the pupae stage from farms in Central, South and North America. Upon entrance, park staff sort and count every pupa in a climate-controlled space before placing them into a hatching box. When each pupa appears from its chrysalis it taken to the aviary for release and for park guests to enjoy.

This year’s Butterfly Jungle runs for five weeks, Saturday March 10 to Sunday April 15, 2018. The popular event is included with a Safari Park admission. Safari Park guests can enjoy Butterfly Jungle daily and like its sister property The San Diego Zoo the park is open every day of the year including all holidays. Guest may also purchase exclusive early morning, guided access to this popular springtime attraction. A guided walking tour with viewing of butterflies from all over the world before Butterfly Jungle opens to the public. Included in the tour is the fruit bat exhibit, exotic birds and their trainers, and more.

(pictured Jordan Metz getting a butterfly lesson from the amazing keepers at The San Diego Zoo Safari Park)

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is an 1,800-acre zoo in the San Pasqual Valley area of San Diego. The park houses a huge collection of wild and endangered animals from around the world. Run by San Diego Zoo Global, it is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in San Diego that also operates the world-famous San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, and the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy.

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