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Deep Sea Adventure under construction now at Legoland California.

Adventures by Daddy was invited for a sneak peek at the new Deep Sea Adventure under construction now at Legoland California.

Currently set to open July 2018, this summer you will be able to dive underwater on LEGOLAND® California Resort’s new LEGO CITY®: Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride. This attraction is Merlin Entertainments’ single largest investment for a Legoland park.

The adventure begins on a real submarine that takes you on a hunt for treasure.

On the way you’ll pass over 2,000 real sea creatures, including stingrays and sharks, as well as bright LEGO® fish, crabs and scuba divers in the 300,000 gallon tank.

The 4 minute journey use a touchscreen to find glowing gems and lost sunken treasure in one of eight 12 passenger submarines.

Official Press Fact Sheet:

OPENING: July 2018 LEGO® CITY: Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride is Merlin Entertainments’ single largest investment for a LEGOLAND® Park. For the first time in the United States, LEGOLAND California Resort brings guests onboard a real submarine where they’ll go underwater to discover a truly amazing world filled with more than 2,000 real sea animals, including several species of stingrays and a variety of sharks. Through the use of touchscreens at each porthole inside the sub, guests can help the LEGO minifigure dive team identify gems, pearls, LEGO gold coins and more throughout the four minute journey. LOCATION: LEGO CITY: Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride is located in the northeast corridor of LEGOLAND California Park. LEGO® CITY: Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride Guest can dive into a colorful ocean world on LEGOLAND California Resort’s new LEGO CITY: Deep Sea Adventure submarine ride. The mission is to discover uncharted sea life and collect sunken treasure scattered around the sea floor. Using the touchscreens located over each porthole, young explorers can log every gem, pearl and gold coin they find. On the journey, there are more than 2,000 different types of real sea creatures, including several species of stingrays and a variety of sharks. Among them are bright LEGO fish and scuba divers, searching for the wreckage of a lost LEGO ship. MANUFACTURER: Mack Rides HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS: There are no height restrictions; however, guests must be at least 52” to ride alone. RIDE DURATION: 4 minutes NUMBER OF SUBMARINES: 8 WEIGHT AND DIMENSIONS OF SUBMARINE: 22,000 lbs. 26’ long x 7-1/2’ wide x 9-1/2’ high NUMBER OF PASSENGERS PER SUBMARINE: 12 TANK SIZE: 300,000 gallons TRACK LENGTH: 232 feet GUEST INTERACTION: Throughout the voyage, guests will use interactive touchscreens to complete a treasure hunt through the deep sea and shipwreck. • As the ride begins, the on-screen LEGO® minifigure gives prompts explaining the treasure hunt • When treasure is located, guests tap the matching icon on the screen, and a marker appears in that ‘location’ for the dive team to retrieve treasure • Throughout the adventure, guests increase their explorer level with each treasure found • There are three levels of explorer guests can achieve: Junior, Senior & Master dependent on quantity of treasure found at the end of the dive time RETAIL & ENTERTAIMENT: Guests have the opportunity to create their own fantastical deep sea creatures and fun fish. They can then ‘release’ their creations into a large digital underwater scene projected on to the set works of the retail store. ANIMAL CARE: Our SEA LIFE® aquarists are overseeing the animal care, or husbandry, of the 2,000 plus animals living in Deep Sea Adventure. ANIMAL SPECIES: There are more than 2,000 sea animals including sharks, rays and tropical fish. Below are fun facts about some of the incredible animals you’ll spot during your voyage. • Blacktip Reef Shark: Like many other shark species, blacktip reef sharks have to constantly swim to breathe. This makes resting tricky! They don't really sleep like humans do, but instead seem to "sleep swim”, where they slow down bodily processes and some brain function in order to rest while continuing to move through the water. • Southern Stingray: Spend most of their lives on the ocean floor. When they fully bury in the sand bed for camouflage, they use spiracles to pump water over their gills in order to breathe. • Cownose Stingray: The cow-snout shape of the cephalic lobes on the face of the cownose ray gives it its name. These flaps on the underside of the face allow them to get suction on the ocean floor to pick up prey items. Their hard plate-like teeth are then able to crush even hard-shelled clams with ease. • Blue-lined Seaperch: As a juvenile, the blue-lined seaperch lives in seagrass beds and mangrove estuaries before making its way out to coral reefs, where this species spends its adult life. • Bigscale Soldierfish: A nocturnal species that inhabits caves and crevices. Soldierfish have very large eyes, which allow them to see in dim light, successfully hunt at night and to avoid predators. • Foxface Rabbitfish: Rabbitfish are herbivores that get their name from their large eyes and small mouths, resembling the features of a rabbit. Unlike rabbits, they have venomous spines along their backs to protect them from predators. MAINTENANCE OF LEGO® MODELS: Scuba divers will maintain the LEGO models in coordination with the Master Model Builder staff at LEGOLAND® California Resort. The models are coated with a special “UV coating” that restricts algae from growing on them for easier maintenance. ECO-FRIENDLY: • Specialized LED lights are placed underwater throughout the ride and use low energy • The filtration system was built with water conservation in mind and we have designed water recovery systems to repurpose any waste water • We use real ocean sea water to irrigate the tank and maintain a natural habitat for the animals TREASURE LOCATIONS: The below “treasures” can be found on both sides of the submarine throughout the journey. • 1 Crown • 1 Pearl • 1 Sword • 1 Portrait Art • 1 Treasure Chest • 6 Gems LEGO MODELS: There are more than 25 LEGO models guests will see throughout their journey. • SHARK WHIRLPOOL - Standing more than five feet tall and made out of more than 80,300 LEGO bricks, the Shark Whirlpool resides in the queue area of the ride for all to build upon and enjoy. • TREASURE CHEST WITH CRAB – Made with more than 35K LEGO bricks and took a team of master model builders 127 hours

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