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San Diego Comic Con through my camera 2018

I always see people trying to recap San Diego Comic Con, listing off highlights and events from the year. Truth is no matter how hard you try you can not do it all. Just enjoy it, see friends and pick a hand full of memories you won't forget. Here is my shot at 2018...

San Diego Comic Con 2018 (their 49th) has come and gone. Yes, next year will 50 years, just stop and think about that for a while as I show you some of my highlights from San Diego Comic Con 2018.

Being a fan of fandom (I stole that line), nothing is bigger than San Diego’s annual pop culture gathering every July. What used to be done in a hotel ballroom with coffee tables of comics and board games has taken over all the downtown San Diego. Every meeting room, open parking lot, and city park near the harbor transforms into themed experiences promoting the latest TV show, movie and DVD release. While the golden ticket can be hard to come by the city offers enough entertainment that people still flock to San Diego that can’t get in the con itself.

San Diego Comic Con 2018 shared a lot of news, movie trailers, and unveilings during the 5 day convention but let me just highlight my three favorites.

The Star Wars The Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Panel and #CloneWarsSaved Lucasfilm came to town under the ruse of celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Cartoon Network’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. The abruptly canceled show has long been a fan favorite in the Star Wars community. After reviewing the history of the show as told through Dave Filoni’s art a bombshell was dropped on the fandom with the news of the return of the show to continue the story.

From the official press release: “The new Clone Wars episodes will continue the storylines introduced in the original series, which explored the events leading up to Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The series will see the return of classic characters Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi as well as fan-favorites Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex. The new episodes will debut on Disney’s direct-to-consumer streaming service.”

The 5th Her Universe Fashion Show

San Diego Comic Con 2018 marked the 5th anniversary of the Her Universe Fashion Show. Twenty-four designers hoping to break into the fashion interested put on an amazing show with some incredible surprises along the way.

Bringing the crowd to their feet was Doctor Who’s 13th doctor Jodie Whittaker walking the runway as a special treat.

The Audience Winner was Kristi Siedow-Thompson, with her design inspired by Ripley in the power loader from Aliens. Cynthia Kirklan, the Judges Winner for her design inspired by The Shape of Water. Jane Burson, the Singer Winner for her Howl’s Moving Castle.

The best part Star Wars friends

and some amazing fans...

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