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The Photographic Portfolio 259 Spring 2019

Brian Sims

PHOTO 259 Portfolio

Artist Statement

Ok, here is the deal, I don’t know where my camera will take me or what direction I would have it take me given the opportunity to pick just one. My work can be diverse in subject matter and shooting style however it seldom has a profound attachment for me. It rarely evokes deep meaning for me or an emotional attachment. My enjoyment comes from the work in progress; the act of shooting, editing and printing. Rarely pouring feeling into a single subject and hardly ever seeing myself as creating art while working. Holding no dreams (or delusions) of fame or fortune, only a hope that I can continue to enjoy the art. Considering my photography as protecting a memory, capturing a moment in time to be preserved long after the fleeting moment has passed.

My photography passion is not about the work, more so about the process. Always with a profound respect for photography as an art; the diverse forms it takes, the history, and photographers that produce the art. Photography is personal growth, an opportunity to have a hobby and career that I will never master. It is a subject matter so vast there will always be room to grow and learn. A rich history to look back on but also expanding technology, trends, and applications that are offering new and exciting subjects almost every day.

This series, Urban Jungle, combines my admiration for wildlife and my quest to work on my photography skills. I call it my training wheels adventures for future wildlife photographers. The parks provide beautiful animals, birds and vegetation to photograph while challenging me with always changing lighting, subjects and composition.

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