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Monday, July 22, 2019

( I will be adding to this post over the week following Comic Con)  


You ever notice when people do a news report or blog they put the thank you and photo credits in small print on the bottom? Lets' change that, huge thank you to James Burns of Jedi News and Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe, without them I would not have been able to bring you this coverage. 


I do pop culture coverage for friends and for fun, it is not how I make a living as a professional photographer so access and credit is all I ask and hope to continue it that way. 


Thank you to the following outlet for running my work this year:


James at Jedi News


Dan & Lisa at Coffee With Kenobi


Mark at Fantha Tracks


Richard & Sarah at Skywalking Through Neverland 


Kate at The Mary Sue



hopefully a few more to be added later


And now to the fun...



Her Universe Fashion Show 


This year’s winning designers are below:


Judges winner – Adria Renee for her Destination: Isla Nublar look inspired by Jurassic Park


Audience winner – Sarah Hambly for her Bodak Green look inspired by Marvel’s Loki







 San Diego Comic Con 2019 50th 







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