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Nikon COOLPIX A1000 test run

My first experience with the new A1000 was at the San Diego Zoo so I could compare it in a place I normally shoot a lot. I absolutely love the size functionality of the camera, I have been looking for a good point and shoot that shoots RAW images for the last year and have learned so much I figured I would share a bit more.

The first thing I was excited to try out is the amazing zoom packed into such a small camera, The 4.3 to 151 zoom has a 840mm equivalent and the picture quality did not have the fall off I thought it would with only 16MP. The auto focus does have trouble at times so learning how to work with it has a learning curve, The major selling point for me was the view finder and it worked great, I used it exclusively for all the test pictures. I'm going to need a few more outings to form an opinion but first use results are good for what I want to use it for.

I put it in M for full control and played with some long exposure, only wish the ISO had its own program button, I think you can program one later? SnapBridge did not work the first two times I tried it but I got it to work at home later learning it can't work with RAW images so you need to save a jpeg "copy" of every shot.

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