David "Dave" Rhea June 11, 1960 ~ June 30, 2019

Over a month now and I still can't process this loss. I will keep adding to this as time goes on and thoughts can be turned to words but for now pictures because that is kinda what I do.

My cousin and I were not very close in the sense we talked often or kept up with what each other was doing. That is now a mistake I am having trouble living with. He was a man I really wished I had more of in my life, so much I could have learned.

You see, in my family not many have the shared interests and love of pop culture like Dave did. He loved SciFi, Star Trek and Star Wars even more than me! He is the one who introduced me to Star Wars when I was just seven years old back in '77. That turned out to be an amazing gift that keeps giving every day.

As an adult I have walked in the halls of Lucasfilm thinking that Dave should be the one with me because my childhood dreams were made possible only because he set those seeds when I was just a kid. I brought these pictures of him on my last visit while he was in the hospital.

I have met so many wonderful people in the Star Wars community and had so much fun as an adult because of a Stormtrooper and Darth Vader costume he made in 1977.

Truly a gift that keeps giving. Maybe the best gift I have ever received. He was so creative and passionate with a list of amazing accomplishments that I could geek out and talk about for hours and so many I did not know about till after he left us. I did not know he tried to call George Lucas when he first moved to California to ask for a job! I so wish that call made it through!

A few pictures of his home office, things he built and a passion for Star Trek that was unmatched. I had a chance to just sit in here and chat with family on Sunday, I really did not want to leave.

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