Jedi News at Disney+ Launch Junket Event for The Mandalorian

Spurs clanking on the floor as a dusty character walks into a cantina to order a drink at the bar, the images that come to mind for me are Clint Eastwood in a classic Spaghetti Western but this time the clanking is Mando armor, the cantina is classic Star Wars and the character is "The Mandalorian" Pedro Pascal.

On Saturday October 19 Jedi News was invited to the Disney+ Launch Junket Event for "The Mandalorian" in Hollywood. We were treated to footage screening, a press conference and round table interviews with Jon Favreau (Writer/Creator), Dave Filoni (Director), Pedro Pascal “The Mandalorian”, Gina Carano “Cara Dune” and Carl Weathers “Greef Carga”.

Rather than describe a step by step review of the footage that would no doubt be full of spoilers or rehash “news” that was leaked soon after the event I will offer a few thoughts I had from the day’s events;

The Jon & Dave Show, the image of them and the way they interacted is burned into my mind and filled me with joy. I believe they are the special sauce we have been waiting for, striking right to the core DNA that is Star Wars. They get it, they understand what made the original so special and they hold it in reverence like the holy grail of Star Wars or a double telescoping lightsaber from a Kenner action figure.

“Passion & Family” repeated many times throughout the day the cast and crew seam to be eager to please the audience in a way that is much deeper than anything in recent memory.

Aliens, Droids and Blasters… I remember the feeling Rogue One left me with, one of classic nostalgia coupled with new story telling that was so satisfying. Without going into a list of what I saw this is the best way I can describe my reaction to the footage we viewed.

One last thought before you listen to the interviews, the Star Wars Holiday Special is alive and well.

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