I take pictures, I love cameras but am I a photographer?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I take pictures, I love cameras but am I a photographer?


Defining yourself in a hobby can be difficult for some people, I struggle with imposter syndrome every day when it involves being behind a camera. I seldom “like” my work but I enjoy the moments I share, and I share a lot.


I never saw it as an art, yet I respected the artists. I never studied the vocabulary, yet I pour myself into the tech manuals every day. I didn’t understand light, but I was amazed by what it can do… the list goes on forever. The dichotomy in my mind is troubling and frustrating.


Guess I am blabbing on because I hate looking or sounding like I know what I am doing when I don’t, people asking me photography questions sets me back. All I can think of is I just learned that a few minutes ago myself, why are you asking me?  

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