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Camera Therapy

Sometimes you look at your camera as the only tool that can help, and other times it is painful to even pick it up. I have been bouncing back and fourth for over a week now. Being in a bad mood and questioning life choices does not leave me with many activities I enjoy or people I enjoy being around. Short temper and foul mood are not things I wish to share with others.

For so many the obvious choice it very deep moody art trying to convey your feelings, yet somehow while that sometimes comes out in me it does nothing to help me process and move forward. What does feel better is color, animals, and beautiful objects.

I took my camera to Balboa Park yesterday, the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden that has been shut down and closed off for three months. While the park looked awful compared to the normal state of well kept beauty it was still home to a lot of color and life.

Sometimes the truth does not look like what we thought it would and sometimes it does

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