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Camera Therapy (part two)

"When I've made what I think is a good picture, I can feel it, and everything else momentarily falls away."

It is that moment that I chase, like a drug that you can't get enough of. A quick cure for everything bringing me down. It does not last, it does not always work but the chase is always worth the effort. The San Diego Zoo and San Diego Safari Park are just target rich environments and easy to access. So I was out again this week looking for that moment and chasing the bad mood a little further down the road.

I keep trying to expand my photography and continue to try new things and styles, always learning, always looking to get a little better with every click. I do not desire to be an expert in one aspect, I want to be a wise guru and with a vast understanding of the right path to take given any situation or equipment.

“I think about you. But I don't say it anymore.”

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