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"There is a fine line between the American dream, and the American nightmare."

"There is a fine line between the American dream, and the American nightmare." This Don Henley quote keeps coming back to me as I process everything happening to me right now.

What do you do with a Photo Blog when you do not or can not pick up your camera? My photography had taken what I hope is a temporary detour and this hit me hard this week when I found it disturbing to even think of taking a picture and sharing it. Maybe the worst funk I have found myself in in over a decade. My cameras have always been my happy place but because of the complex disaster I find my mind in everything just went dark.

So, I am going to spill some thoughts here, someplace I can vent and will not stir up more crap because I will not share this on social media, another thing/place that has become ugly for me to think of. In a way, talking to myself. I do have a lot of reservations about letting any of my thoughts out because they have cost me dearly in the last few days and weeks, being too honest or too open can be a disaster.

What does it take for your happy place to become an ugly place? Just take something you enjoy and leave a very bad or ugly memory, making the thought become a link to your photography. It sucks! That is what I will be trying to process in the coming days and weeks and most likely sharing here because I am not comfortable doing it any place else.

For now, my fat ass has discovered the gym again, with a new diet and yoga I am hoping I can burn off some of the damage I have done to body in the last six years. They told me six months of hard work!?! I hope I pick up my cameras before then but for now that is my goal, get myself in a better place in six months both physically and mentally.

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