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I am a Southern California based photographer and freelance photojournalist. A quick glance at this website and you can see I am not selling anything here; this is just a landing page for those who seek me out, a playground for my work and snapshots, and a conduit to contact me.


I was hooked on snapshots at an early age taking pictures of military aviation and then a high school darkroom class. However, it was not until much later that I feel in love with the art bringing me back to one-on-one instruction from master photographers, an amazing two-year photography program and now a never-ending seminars and workshops. I have adopted a never stop learning approach that continues to present me with new methods, equipment, and adventures.

Currently, with my history of working in the travel and entertainment industry, my work has been published in several outlets, books, and publications for my coverage of pop culture and travel. You may have also found me in mainstream news outlets for my photojournalism. I do maintain current press credentials for coverage within the county of San Diego. While pop culture events around the world are a common place to find me, I have a diverse background in photography and wide scope of interests in what I shoot and the types of professional services I can offer clients.

While I maintain all the usual social media channels, please don't try to contact me there, I finds myself moving away from them and checking in far less often, this is the best way to reach out to me.

I look forward to speaking with you if you would like to learn more,


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A sample of what I enjoy about photography

photojournalism, just telling a story...