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Brian is a photographer, whose editorial-style images of pop culture and travel have been published in numerous magazines and books. Additionally, he has been featured on websites such as CNN, HuffPost, Gizmodo, Polygon,, Paddock Magazine, and others for his images that bring pop culture stories to life.

With a classical training in photography and a diverse range of experience and interests in the art, he still works in both digital and film formats. Brian, a graduate of San Diego City College's Photography program, has embraced his love for the art and respect for learning from everyone around him to his approach to how he shoots and edits. ​


A few updates...


  • Currently on hiatus / rebranding: After more than ten years, the prior website content, blog and library has been taken down until a new site and business is launched.

  • Still taking select bookings, please contact for details. ​

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